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What to do?

Want to know how to Earn Free Giftcards? Read this.

Earn points by completing offerwalls , referring friends , participating in giveaways and much more. Each completed task will provide points.

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Download apps or complete simple tasks to earn points fast.

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Exchange your points for getting gift cards or money.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We don't say we should be trusted, people do. We are one of the fastest growing oferwall platforms providing the best and most reasonable offers for our dear users. The people who earn through our platform are a living proof of our authenticity.

When you go and complete offers, the advertisers pay us. We keep a little cut out of it and the rest is distrubuted among our precious users. So what are you waiting for? Sign Up Now!

What we offer?

This is how you can Earn Points. All of them would provide you with plenty points but if you want to earn big, do all of them.

Refer Friends

The Refer & Earn option is all about referring our website to your friends/family from the given code and earn points.

Mobile Offers

Do you like to play games on your mobile? Collect points for each completed app download and exchange them for premium gift cards.

Offer Walls

Some of our advertisers want to reward you using offer walls for learning about their latest services and products.


We conduct a giveaway every hour and everytime a lucky winner gets some points. So bring some luck with you.

Points System

Our points system uses an advanced built-in algorithm which makes sure you get the points you deserve.

Our Offers

We have connected with a number of advertiser in order to provide you with new offer whenever you need them.

Giftcards / Money

When earned enough points, you can either redeem a giftcard you want or get money into your paypal account.




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